Zeetix provides web-based cloud-powered software, as well as executive consulting, analysis, design, and development services.


Zeetix sees a world where innovative, reliable, and affordable technology creates, strengthens, and sustains real-life people, communities, and organizations.


The Zeetix mission is to create value by getting the very best from new and existing technology and software. Zeetix strives to to create new solutions wherever required, to customize, harvest and commercialize existing solutions wherever preferable, and to help colleagues, customers and clients discern the difference.


  1. Relationships: Tom values relationships, people, and community.
  2. Integrity: Tom values authenticity, honesty, and candor. He says what he means and means what he says.
  3. Sustainable excellence: Tom values sustainable excellence in technology, in ideas, and in people — excellence that is apparent today and remains apparent tomorrow.
  4. Meaningfulness: Tom values things that matter — he wants to make a difference.

Tom is committed to shaping his personal and professional life to reflect and advance these values.


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