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Mothballing ZeeForge Blog

January 25, 2013

I’ve consolidated the material that was in ZeeForge back into the Zeetix sites and blog. I may relaunch ZeeForge someday (I still love the concept), but as of January 2013, it is inactive.

I’ve imported the everything, so the dates and headers have remained unchanged.


Great technology is necessary but not sufficient

January 24, 2013

Every one of the many startups I’ve worked with (and several of the major players) has had great technology. Only a handful have succeeded. Great technology is a necessary starting point. Every player in today’s technology world must have great technology. It is not nearly enough, however.

A successful startup needs a successful business model, a product, sales, legal services, accounting services, and so on. No one person can possibly do all these — a successful startup is always, therefore, a team effort.

I’m Tom Stambaugh. I love insanely great technology. I love coding. I also love succeeding. Zeetix is the corporate entity where I express these passions. This blog is one of the places where I look forward to speaking in a more first-person and informal way.

Welcome aboard!