Relaunch of

I’ve refactored and rewritten most of the site to reflect my focus on building a consulting/contracting revenue stream to sustain ZeeForge in this abysmal investment climate.

The entire site is built using Glooper, the website generator used for the Zeetix family of sites. As part of the relaunch, I added enhanced sidebar capability to Glooper. In addition, I’ve found a set of patterns for css that finally seem to work reliably and well for the sorts of multi-pane compositions that dominate the new ZeeForge look.

The new site also makes widespread use of a new (for me) approach to presenting, structuring, and handling browser forms to make it easier for users and visitors to request additional information. The new form handling capability is built around “Clacks”, a non-intrusive and relatively lightweight ZeeForge project that provides a convenient and object-oriented abstraction for browser/server exchanges. Clacks wraps XmlHttpRequest machinery in code that avoids several usability and reliability problems associated with more naive implementations.

For our new visitors, welcome to the ZeeForge blog. We encourage you to ask questions, leave comments and feedback, and visit often.


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