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Ramping up on MoveableType

June 23, 2009

I’m in the process of refactoring ZeeForge as my portfolio, so that prospective clients can see how I work.

I’m using as a site from which I will host popular open-source services for users and visitors, including prospective clients.

The first service I’m adding is MoveableType, the famous Perl/PHP blog. I’ve been exercising it locally on my WinXP system, and over the next day or so I’ll deploy it onto the site. I’m using this entry to journal that process.

I found the initial installation on WinXP (using an apache webserver) to be relatively straightforward. I’ve had the usual collection of configuration and pre-requisite snafus, nothing too serious.

I note that the directory structure assumed by MT is a little different from my usual practice. In particular, it expects its resources to be unpacked into my standard “site_root” directory, peered with cgi-bin and public_html. Each new blog, when published, creates a directory in this site_root.

I’ve also had trouble locating a WinXP-compatible form of Image-Magick. I remember this problem from earlier perl thrashing, and I’ll get to it later.

My goal is to create a demo site (and url) where prospective clients who are interested in my ability to support blog services like moveabletype can see my work in-situ.