Repairing insidious database bug

I’ve added a slew of new tests that validate the persistence clazzes (ItRecord descendants).

They exposed an insidious bug, that I’m now repairing: SetRecord and SortedCollectionRecord have never been correctly loaded. Worse, the record_id of their behavior entry is wrong — it is “0”, which should never happen.

This, in turn, means that I now have to adjust the database cleanup and setup routines so that they can be called from regular code, instead of the browser-based admin tools. I suppose I’ll have to be disciplined and write a new test case that confirms THIS change.

The database cleanup and setup routines are invoked from “prepareForDebug”, which is located someplace in the ZeeLife root. I suppose now is as good a time as any to go find and capture it.

In addition, all this means that I’ve started to populate the sql branch of the git tree. I need to move the Kernel.ZeeStore records around. The sql branch is organized like the python and ruby branches; the sql for each assembly/subassembly is located in a correspondingly-named subdirectory of the sql branch.


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